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Mrs. Divyavani (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Tanvi enjoying your dance class very much, I am happy for her. I liked your teaching skills and the way you interact with kids is really mind-blowing. Kids showing interest it's because of your teaching skill. Thank you so much Suparna madam for teaching my daughter.

Mrs. Basamma Nidoni (Student’s Parent), Japan

Hello Suparna sensei, My daughter Varunavi (3.5 years) is showing interest in dancing only because of the way you teach. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning bharatanatyam. Thank you for your time , patience, friendship. I feel happy to have a teacher like you for my child.

Mrs. Swarupa Muddapu (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Harshitha( 6 yrs old ) is learning Bharatnatyam from past one year . She has cultivated the interest towards this dance because of you Suparna San. She is always very happy and interested and keen in practicing it also . She never wants to miss the class and enjoys to fullest even how much time you make them do .This is all because of the environment you create . Looking after her recent stage performances we parents are very happy .

Ms. Vinu (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Ishita and myself are very much thankful to you indeed for teaching great cultural dances . Staying abroad we are very fortunate to have a good teacher like you.All kids are very excited and show a lot of enthusiasm towards the dance. Your videos help them a lot to practice at home as well.

Mrs. Rita Hazarika (Student’s Parent), Japan

Dear Suparna San, We would like to thank you for the wonderful and dedicated teaching of Bharatnatyam to our daughter Shreya. Because of your hard work, our daughter gets a platform to dance in big events like “Namaste India” here in Japan. We also feel happy that we are also able to give our daughter an opportunity to learn classical dance through you. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Sajisha Radhakrishnan (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Rudra is learning Bharatanatyam from Suparna san for the past one year. The teacher has a unique way of teaching the kids. Her teaching is never performance oriented as she always make sure that the kids learn the basic adavus properly. She also focuses on teaching the theory of bharatanatyam to her students. She is a kind and dedicated teacher. I am impressed with her style of teaching. I can see a growing interest towards classical dance in my daughter. Rudra is fortunate to have a well trained teacher like Suparna san.


It's a wonderful experience and learning for our daughter Dharanya for past more than a year from the day she joined the class. She developed more interest towards dance mainly because of the way you teach and the environment you provide them in the class. Thankyou Suparna Sensei for your efforts, with which she gained more confidence and learnt about the importance of team work. We are gifted to be part of this wonderful team. Looking forward for more and more in coming years.

Ms. Tawamoney (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter,(6 years old) has been learning Bharatnatyam from Ms. Suparna past one year. Ms. Suparna is very dedicated teacher and she eases the dance steps very well from the way she teaches. She also take a lot of effort to expose the kids with stage performance. This has made my daughter more confident on stage. It is definitely a excellent schoo lto learn Bharatnatyam .

Mrs. Aysha Sharmin (Student’s Parent), Japan

I was worried that how my 5 yrs old daughter ( shasmeen) will learn a difficult dance like Bharatnatyam dance. After starting learning from her, my daughter got interest and confidence because of the way of Suparna teacher’s teaching. Suparna is a very passionate dancer and teacher. She knows how to handle and teach are also fond of her. She is very friendly and at same time disciplined. She not only encourages kids but also motivates parents by communicating with them regularly. My daughter likes her dance teacher very much. Thank you teacher for teaching my daughter.

Mrs. Vishali (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Geethika is learning Bharatnatyam from past one year . She is finding it interesting and joyful . We liked your way of teaching and encouraging childrens towards our Indian traditions. We are very fortunate to have such great talented teachers here in Japan . Thank you very much Suparna San for being here and teaching out kids.

Mrs. Sweta (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter Snigdha(5 yrs old)she loves dancing so I admitted her to suparna San dance class she is very happy to join her dance class. I liked your teaching skills and the way you intract with kids is really appreciable.thank you so much suparna San for teaching my daughter Bharatnatyam dance.

Mrs. Kazi Sharmin (Student’s Parent), Japan

My daughter, Mahika has been learning so difficult classical dance for about 2 months. But Suporna madam has taught her so professionally that she is motivated to learn. Not only her, my 11 month daughter, Nihira also started dancing and uttering taiya taiya whole day:-) Suporna madam is expert how to handle kids and motivate them to learn in a nice way. I plan to enroll Nihira also to the class and wish her continued success.

Mr. Subham Das (Audience), India

I really like your attitude towards music and dance as a whole and have liked your performances since I first saw you perform in Kalamandir in Kolkara. Your flawless flair and style really mesmerises me and everyone that had the pleasure of watching you perform. Really lovely teacher and mentor. Hope you keep up the good work and help students unlock their true colours in the field of dance.

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