Suparna is born 1982 in a small place in India of national importance and proposed world heritage by UNESCO where Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore, spent all his life called Shantiniketan. She had a strong passion for dancing since her childhood. At age of three she started dancing and gave her first performance at the age of five. She is born in a very traditional Bengali family with a special inclination towards arts and devotion to the late Rabindranath Tagore. Her mother has done Master's in music from Viswabharti in Rabindra Sangeet and her elder brother is guitarist for Baul Sangeet (Bengali folk form) as a hobby. Her family's consistent support and grooming made Suparna's world filled with art and music.

During 1985 - 2000, she did her schooling from Visva-Bharti University (a world renowned institute founded by late Rabindranath Tagore, dedicated for the Fine Arts). She was well known for her dance amongst all her teachers colleagues and friends. She always used to be the lead performer since her childhood for her brilliance and gracious presence on the stage. She performed Tagore dance uncountable times at various occasions with in Viswabharti, nationally, on state TV channel, regional TV channels and for charity shows during her schooling. Due to her extremely high dedication, immense interest, family support and encouraging environment with a formal training throughout her schooling, she mastered Tagore dance & manipuri with a proven track record. She thinks herself to be lucky to get an opportunity to get training from very focused, encouraging and supportive teachers like Mr. Arup Mitra, Mrs. Lata Podwal & T.Shankarnarayanan who not only made her learning interesting and knowledgeable but also gave her opportunity to showcase her talent. Few of her performances on Tagore dance during this period includes, Shama, Mayarkhela, Tasherdesh, Kobipronam, Balmikiprotibha, Shapmochon, Rituranga, Chitrangada and Chondalika on few of the most prestigious stages in India like Rabindrasadan, Kolkata; Kalamandir, Kolkata; Geetanjali, Viswa-Bharti; Nehru Childeren Academy; DRDO Hydrabad; Kargil Fund Raiser in Andaman by EZCC; Gaurprangan, Shantiniketan; Natyaghar, Shantiniketan; Bangala Doordarshan; Alpha-TV etc.

During 2001 - 2005, after completion of her schooling she got admission for diploma in Bhartanatyam in world renowned institute of Bhartanatyam founded by late Rukminidevi called Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, India. During her 4 year's diploma in Bhartanatyam, she was once again well known amongst her peers and teachers for her perfection and dedication for the Bhartanatyam performance. In Kalakshetra she not only learnt Bhartanatyam but also got an opportunity to understand and feel the richness of the Indian culture with an opportunity to interact with many of the world renowned personalities like Pandit Birju Maharaj, President of India Mr. R. Venkatraman, actress/performer Mrs. Vaijantee mala etc. She undergone training from few of the finest Bhartanatyam artists in India Smt. Leela Samsung, C.V.Chandrashekharan, Mr. Adyar Lakhmanan, Smt. Nandini Nagraj, Mr. Seejit Krishnan. She performed at various stages during this period.

During 2005-2007, due to her outstanding capabilities and proven track record she was once again invited to the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai for 2 year's post-diploma course in Bhartanatyam. She was one amongst few in her diploma students to get this opportunity (this course is not open for all - only diploma students from Kalakshetra are invited based on their merit). Her six years formal training in Bhartanatyam from esteemed institution made her confident, knowledgeable and perfect Bhartanatyam dancer. After completion of her formal studies she performed Nationally and Internationally. She performed in Korea in 2007 on Korean Festival organized by Asian Cultural Exchange Foundation. She got huge appreciation from Korean audience and performers.

In 2009, with an intent to introduce youth with ancient Indian dance form in their fast-paced technology driven life through her knowledge which she acquired all these years she started a Bharatanatyam teaching initiative and named it as "Kalapragati. Under this initiative she has taught numerous students and she has been highly appreciated by students / parents for her devotion and commitment towards teaching.