Aim of the school:

I believe that teaching Bharatanatyam is not just a job but a social responsibility and an opportunity to promote and educate about one of the most ancient Indian classical dance form to the people who are busy in materialistic and technologically driven life. Also, from learning perspective, Bharatanatyam is more than just dance as it is an opportunity to connect and experience the rich Indian culture at the same time enhance balance, spirituality, stamina and flexibility. With this vision and belief, I have taught Bharatanatyam (strictly in Kalakshetra style) to numerous young and senior students, I feel great pleasure to see them growing while learning and appreciating great ancient traditions and culture.

Who should join:

Don't worry you don't need to be an expert in any dance form. Any one from beginner to trained and age above 3 years, who has interest in dance and willing to learn Indian ancient dance forms. As you may know, Indian classical dance is a combination of yoga, meditation and body movement all clubbed in one. So, those who want to lose some calories with an interest in dance may join.

What can I learn:

  1. Bharatnatyam (Kalakshetra Style)
  2. Tagore Dance

Courses Offerred:

  1. Regular Classroom Sessions (Theory and Practical)
  2. Online Classes - Coming Soon!

Syllabus (Basic Sample):

Adavus – The basic Unit

  • Tattadavu
  • Nattadavu
  • Pakkaadavu
  • Kudditu Mettu Adavu
  • Sarika Adavu
  • Tat-Tai-Ta-Ha Adavu
  • Tat-Tai-Tam Adavu
  • Tat-Tai-Tat-Ta Adavu
  • Paaichal Adavu
  • Mandi Adavu
  • Ta Hatha Jhaum Tari Ta Adavu
  • Kittatakka Dhari Kitta Thome Adavu
  • Thatti Mettu Adavu
  • Tadh Dhti Adavu

Hastha Mudras (Hand Gestures)

  • Asamyutha Hastha (Single hand gestures)
  • Samyutha Hastha (Double hand gestures)

Paadha Bhedas (Feet Positions)

Margam (Bharatanatyam Choreographies)

  • Alarippu
  • Jathiswaram
  • Shabdam
  • Varnam
  • Padam
  • Keertanam
  • Astpadi
  • Jaaveli
  • Tilana

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